Regional Bank of Liberalia Act

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The Regional Bank of Liberalia Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Preamble: The following is a proposal to create a region wide bank available to all as long as they follow the necessary steps and get consent from the region. It shall also be used for region wide projects:

Clause 1: All nations must pay 2.75% of their GDP every financial year for the funding of the bank.

Section a: Any nation which doesn't will be isolated from all financial help and region wide activities used with the banks money.

Clause 2: The monies raised shall be used for the following purposes

Section a: Administration of regional government and Bahia Esmerelda

Section b: To pay for regional campaigns

Section c: To pay for other projects as parliament see fit

Clause 3: The monies from the bank shall be used to pay for current commitments arising out of current bills and any future requirements as deemed suitable by the parliament of Liberalia.

Clause 4: Any person attempting in breaking into the bank or succeeding and then caught will be tried for treason against the region.

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